The camp of Sister Patricia Fox expressed dismay on the immigration's decision saying they are set to file a motion for reconsideration next week.

Fox's counsel Attorney Maria Sol Taule said the nun has been doing her missionary work in the Philippines for the past 27 years undisturbed by any deportation case.

Taule noted that helping the poor is not a risk to public interest, peace or order.

A rights group also on Friday slammed the order, calling this move a persecution.

Rights Group Karapatan said quote unquote the nun deserves to stay in the country, more than the parasites in government who have allegedly willingly plundered and violated the rights of the majority and more than pretentious nationalists who might as well give up the country's territories to US and China.

Meantime, Taule said the camp of the nun will face and fight the case in all avenues and exhaust the remedies available to them.