They expected a romantic getaway but ended into a tragedy.

Less than a month after their wedding on Dec.18, newly married couple Leomer and Erika Joyce Lagradilla headed to Maldives on Jan. 9 for their honeymoon.

However, the high school sweethearts' dream honeymoon was cut short as they drowned during a snorkeling session at a resort in Dhifusshi Island.

Erika reportedly tried to save her husband. Motionless, the couple were rescued by authorities and were brought to a local hospital but were pronounced dead on arrival.

Erika, aged 29, and Leomer, 30, were from Laguna. Both were the eldest children, breadwinners and were Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

Messages of condolences, and sad reactions flooded the couple’s social media accounts.

According to the couple’s friends, the Foreign Affairs Department will shoulder the expenses to bring the newlyweds’ remains home.

Prior to this, they launched a fundraising was launched as the repatriation will cost them millions of pesos.

The DFA has earlier expressed its sympathies to the couple’s families and has ordered the Philippine Embassy in Dhaka, which has jurisdiction over Maldives, to coordinate with authorities in arranging the remains’ repatriation.

Investigation on the incident, according to reports, is still ongoing.